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Trustees Approve Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking for Kendall

Posted February 23, 2013 in Campus


Ferris State University’s Board of Trustees approved a new Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking for Kendall College of Art and Design on Friday, Feb. 22 at its regular meeting held at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Conference Center.

David Rosen, president of Kendall, noted the increased popularity of printmaking as an academic program. Kendall currently has 33 students enrolled in the printmaking strand of the Drawing/Printmaking program. No other art school in the country offers printmaking as part of drawing, and Rosen said he believes that the addition of this program is consistent with Kendall’s mission of preparing students for professional lives as artists and designers, and in particular, printmaking will aid Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, and other KCAD programs.

“In our age, artists hunger for community and printmaking offers a communal experience,” Rosen said. “Unlike other printmaking programs, Kendall’s printmaking will not sit apart from the other creative disciplines, but it will give energy to and share energy with them. That is the beauty of Kendall, a true conservatory art school with a rich history of excellence in each program and collaboration among the programs.”

Graduates of the BFA in Printmaking would have the option to pursue a graduate degree or begin careers familiar to other fine arts majors, including gallery artists, owners or managers, as well as work in museums as curators or managers of arts organizations. Graduates of the program can pursue careers in advertising and marketing, bookmaking, textiles, and in garment industries.

“Printmaking is both an ancient and a newly-thriving area for fine art and design,” Rosen said. “On one hand, printmaking involves using age-old artisanal methods of reproduction, such as intaglio or screen printing that create a link between artist and image, as well as artist and viewer. This is prized in an age of the mass and virtual reproduction. It also allows students to use new technologies, such as laser printing and three-dimensional printmaking, which stretch the boundaries of the medium.”

The National Association of Schools of Art and Design has indicated that current staff, space, and equipment are adequate to move from the program’s current status as a concentration in the Drawing BFA to a stand-alone BFA program at Kendall. Rosen anticipates that the growth of the program could ultimately require an additional full-time faculty member in three years.