Community Engagement

Creativity doesn't happen it a vacuum—it thrives on human connection. 

More than a college, KCAD strives to be a conduit through which individuals, organizations, and communities can collaborate across the barriers that divide us and leverage the transformative power of creativity to not just envision a better future, but make it a reality. 

Learn more about some of our community engagement initiatives below, and contact us if you have an idea of your own you'd like to discuss. 

Cultivate @ KCAD: Community Art Classes for Youths and Adults

Immersive and enriching community art classes have returned to the KCAD campus through collaboration with Cultivate, an independent, artist-run arts organization based in Grand Rapids. Cultivate's holistic and inclusive learning model is designed to educate and develop fluency with art tools and language, practice with critique and conversation, and uplift and support in a safe space for experimenting and creativity. Courses meet students where they are, providing a slow, intentional, and gentle learning environment that inspires, challenges, and empowers. 

Explore a wide variety of course offerings for youths ages 6-12 and adults, and get registered today!

A woman teaching a young girl how to draw with markers

Wege Prize Student Design Competition

Organized by KCAD with support from The Wege Foundation, Wege Prize is an annual competition that ignites game-changing solutions for the future by inspiring college/university students around the world to collaborate across institutional, disciplinary, and cultural boundaries to accelerate the transition to a sustainable circular economy.
A group of young people huddled together showing off a trophy

Wege Prize High School Collaborative Studio

Building on the successful framework of Wege Prize, the Wege Prize High School Collaborative Studio is a free two-week program that gives West Michigan high school students the chance to collaboratively learn design thinking and creative problem solving strategies and employ them to envision solutions to real-world challenges faced by people in their own communities.
A group of people gathered around a table looking at notes on a piece of paper