Susan Bonner, M.F.A.

A headshot of a woman with long fowing grey hair, wearing black glasses, and smiling warmly at the camera.

Digital Art and Design 
Associate Professor, Digital Art and Design Program Chair
[email protected]


I lead collaborative media production projects that involve a wide range of faculty, staff, students, field experts, schools, and organizations. These endeavors aim to help teachers create engaging classrooms and community advocates move populations beyond reaction to action.

Accessible, universal, and inclusive design lies at the heart of my teaching, my art, my design, and the work I produce.

I am serious about facilitating an inclusive learning and working environment that supports and welcomes all who participate, regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, or ability.

I am pursuing the gamification of social-emotional coping skills development in young children. My current project is The Road Crew Social Emotional Learning Game. This game will teach young learners how to self-regulate behavior through a memorable interactive AR experience and relatable characters. Children's behavioral issues create an obstacle to learning. Educators will use The Road Crew game to help PreK - 2nd-grade children learn to self-calm and communicate their emotions with words instead of expressing them with their bodies in an unhealthy way. A Universal Design for Learning approach will ensure students with a wide range of sensory and cognitive abilities will be able to engage.

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