Kevin Brennan, M.S., C.M.I.

Life Sciences and Pre-Medical Illustration 
Associate Professor, Life Sciences and Pre-Medical Illustration Program Chair
[email protected]


Kevin M Brennan is a Certified Medical Illustrator, animator, and educator with over 15 years of visualization experience. While working at Argosy Publishing | Visible Body he helped create international award-winning animations, publications, and applications. 

After six years of commercial medical visualization, Kevin returned to another one of his passions, education. As an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, he taught a variety of classes, focusing on animation and molecular visualization.

Kevin has served on research committees investigating topics as diverse as digital fossil reconstruction, motion tracking games for stroke rehabilitation, surgical planning in Virtual Reality with patient-specific data, and interactive patient education materials.

Kevin is currently an Associate Professor and Life Sciences and Pre-Medical Illustration Program Chair at Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University. 

He regularly presents workshops and techniques at the Association of Medical Illustrators’ Conference, is a Board Member and Co-Editor at the Journal of Biocommunication, and participated in Allan McKay’s year-long Special Effects Technical Director (FX TD) Mentorship. 

Prior to medical illustration, Kevin also illustrated an invertebrate zoology lab manual, performed independent research on the effects of radiation on invertebrate cardiac development, and created an award-winning image of rotifer morphology with scanning electron microscopy.