Faculty Directory

Meet the KCAD Faculty

Accomplished artists. Innovative designers. Expert scholars. These are the faculty who leverage their deep professional experience to help you make the most of your education.

Name Title Program Contact
Jason Alger, M.F.A.Professor, Graphic Design Program ChairGraphic Design[email protected]
Molly Alicki-Corriveau, M.F.A.ProfessorIllustration[email protected]
Susan Bonner, M.F.A.Associate Professor, Digital Art and Design Program ChairDigital Art and Design[email protected]
Kevin Brennan, M.S., C.M.I.Associate Professor, Life Sciences and Pre-Medical Illustration Program ChairLife Sciences and Pre-Medical Illustration[email protected]
Karen Carter, Ph.D.ProfessorArt History, Certificate in Visual and Critical Studies[email protected]
Patricia Constantine, M.F.A.ProfessorIllustration, Life Sciences and Pre-Medical Illustration[email protected]
Lee Davis, M.A.ProfessorInterior Design[email protected]
Gayle DeBruyn, M.M.Professor, Collaborative Design Program Chair, Master of Arts in Design Program ChairCollaborative Design, Master of Arts in Design, Product Design[email protected]
Adam DeKraker, M.F.A.Professor, Photography Program Chair Photography[email protected]
Michael Dollar, M.S.Assistant ProfessorDigital Art and Design[email protected]
Angela Dow, M.Ed.ProfessorGraphic Design[email protected]
Susanna Engbers, Ph.D.Professor, General Education Program ChairCertificate in Visual and Critical Studies, General Education[email protected]
Lori FaulknerAssociate Professor, Fashion Studies Program ChairFashion Studies[email protected]
William Fischer, M.F.A.ProfessorDigital Art and Design[email protected]
Mary Ellen FritzAssociate Professor, Interior Design Program ChairInterior Design[email protected]
Tatsuki Hakoyama, M.F.A.Assistant ProfessorDrawing, Painting[email protected]
Nancy Hart, M.F.A.Associate Professor, Illustration Program ChairIllustration, Life Sciences and Pre-Medical Illustration[email protected]
Christine Haskill, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorGeneral Education[email protected]
Michael Jen, M.ArchAssistant ProfessorMaster of Architecture[email protected]
Robert (Bob) Marsh, M.F.A.ProfessorProduct Design[email protected]
Michael McCulloch, Ph.D., A.I.A.Associate Professor, Master of Architecture Program ChairMaster of Architecture[email protected]
Jonathan Moroney, M.B.A.Professor, Product Design Program ChairProduct Design[email protected]
Jackie NeerkenInstructorInterior Design[email protected]
Anne Norcross, M.A.Professor, Art History Program Chair, Visual Resource Collection CoordinatorArt History[email protected]
Phillip Renato, M.F.A.ProfessorProduct Design[email protected]
Ronald Riksen, M.A.ProfessorGraphic Designron[email protected]
D. Bryan Schaeffer, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorArt History[email protected]
Adam Schuitema, Ph.D.ProfessorGeneral Education[email protected]
Joan Sechrist, M.A.ProfessorGraphic Design[email protected]
Donna St. John, M.A., M.F.A.Professor, Foundations Program Co-ChairFoundations[email protected]
Mariel Versluis, M.F.A.ProfessorFoundations[email protected]
Jaimie Watson, M.F.A.Professor, Fine Arts Programs Co-ChairSculpture and Functional Art[email protected]
Natalie Wetzel, M.F.A.Associate Professor, Foundations Program Co-ChairFoundations[email protected]
Danielle Wyckoff, M.A., M.F.A.Associate Professor, Drawing Program ChairDrawing[email protected]
Diane Zeeuw, M.F.A.Professor, Painting Program Chair, Master of Fine Arts Painting Program Chair, Certificate in Visual and Critical Studies Program ChairCertificate in Visual and Critical Studies, Master of Fine Arts Painting, Painting[email protected]