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Graduate Programs

Finding a voice, developing a vision.

For information on admissions to any of our graduate programs, please contact our Graduate Recruitment Specialist at email by phone at 616-259-1237, or schedule a virtual appointment.

Master of Architecture

The MArch dissolves the usual boundaries between the bodies of knowledge that inform architecture. Our unique curriculum blends studio and immersion, research and praxis to engage you in a deep exploration of the discipline that considers innovation, sustainability, and context as equally as aesthetics.

Master of Arts in Design

Through collaborative experiences and research-driven coursework, students broaden their understanding of the impact of design on culture and community, thereby promoting responsible leadership, and emphasizing ethical engagement and social implications of design practice.

Master of Arts or Certificate in Visual and Critical Studies

Why do we do what we do? What influences us and how? Deluged with imagery, a conscious awareness of how images shape our attitudes and actions allows us to more effectively navigate our world.

Master of Fine Arts Drawing

The MFA Drawing program is committed to both the conceptual and technical education of the professional artist, providing a balance between intensive studio experience and critical, theoretical, and historical inquiry.

Master of Fine Arts Painting

The MFA Painting program fosters emergent research, innovation, civic awareness, and intellectual growth to encourage the pursuit of individual or collaborative creative goals and outcomes.

Master of Fine Arts Photography

The MFA Photography program guides students in the production of a sophisticated body of lens-based artwork through skill enhancement, informed dialogue about art theory, and the study of the history of art and media.

Master of Fine Arts Printmaking

The MFA Printmaking program encourages students to translate their philosophical and personal concepts into visual form, linking traditional methods with new technologies and balancing intense studio experiences with theoretical, historical, and contemporary dialogue.

Certificate in Design and Innovation Management

The Certificate in Design and Innovation Management is for business and creative professionals who want to get an edge in the marketplace. This 12-credit advanced studies certificate can stand alone or be applied towards a Ferris MBA or other graduate program.

Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University (KCAD) is discontinuing the Master of Art Education program over a two-year period beginning at the onset of the fall 2020 semester. While we are no longer accepting applications to this program, we invite you to explore our other graduate program options via the links above.