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Design + business = success.

See what industry leaders have to say about the importance of design to business, innovation and sustainability.

"The natural evolution from design to design thinking reflects the growing recognition on the part of today's business leaders that design has become too important to be left to designers."

- Tim Brown, Change By Design

"The companies that are getting the most attention are incorporating design thinking – businesses like Starbucks, Apple, and local businesses like Herman Miller."

- Max Shangle, Program Co-Founder

"Understanding the value of design is a business imperative. Recognizing design as a business problem-solving discipline becomes an educational opportunity. This concentration helps bridge the gap between design and business."

- John R. Berry, Senior Consultant, Greystone Global; Visiting Professor

"The most successful businesses in the years to come will balance analytical mastery and intuitive originality in a dynamic interplay that I call design thinking. The firms that master [design thinking] will gain a nearly inexhaustible, long-term business advantage."

- Roger Martin, The Design of Business

"Students say they've changed their approach to how they handle business because they're a more systemic thinker. Instead of reacting to a situation, they try to understand the circumstance, and design a solution around it."

- Angie Dow, Program Co-Founder