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Individuals and corporations both benefit from a clear understanding of the power of design. Here are just a few who have proven results.

Name: Braden Wilkerson, Industrial Designer

While working as a designer, Braden encountered misunderstandings between the creative and business mindsets. By pursuing a Ferris MBA with a Design and Innovation Management certificate, he hoped to both bridge the gap and better position himself for future entrepreneurial aspirations.

"The MBA allowed me to present myself as a stronger asset to the companies I was interviewing with after graduation. In addition to entertaining multiple job offers simultaneously (a personal first), I was also assured I would advance within the company shortly after being hired."

"I felt that the program not only helped me achieve what I was after educationally, but also to grow personally and professionally. That probably sounds cliché, so a word of caution: growth is not necessarily easy or fun. However, I felt the reward was definitely worth the journey. The faculty truly epitomizes the superior experience that quality leaders provide. Additionally, the constant challenge to explore alternatives to the traditional and discover new perspectives felt tailored to my career ambitions."

Name: Erica Powell, Event Manager

Erica wanted to enhance her Bachelor's business degree and set herself apart in the job market. She jumped into the program hoping design thinking would be a good balance to traditional business teachings.

"This program enhanced not only my business training but the way I look at the world. It evoked a passion for learning about design, specifically culture design. I spend time reading design books and articles that I did not know about before. I no longer look at the world in black and white terms, but see that there are unlimited shades of gray that can be designed to create a third, better option."

"The ability to develop a creative, more efficient solution to a problem can set a person apart from others in the current competitive job market. I still keep in contact with classmates and know that if I ever need help in solving a problem, I have a community to consult and receive feedback on ideas."

Name: Maria Mancino, Interior Designer

Maria was an Interior Designer considering what was next in her career. She had always been interested in getting a business degree and wanted to explore design on a new level. Based in Ohio, she took advantage of the online courses, only commuting as necessary for the weekend sessions.

"I was so happy to find this certificate. It really challenged my thinking and allowed me to move above and beyond – while exposing me to new ideas and processes. It offered a very distinct look into the interrelation of business and design. The program brought my creativity back to life, allowing me to grow as a creative, inspired individual."

"In a job interview, I talked about how this certificate had given me a new perspective on design and innovation. They were impressed, and I got the job. I love being able to use what I learned to bring something new to the table."

Name: Mike Davis, Marketing Design Consultant

As a Marketing Design Consultant, Mike was debating getting a graduate design degree or an MBA. He had spent 10 years practicing design and wanted help defending it. He was looking for a more holistic approach to design.

"This program is ahead of the curve, training revolutionaries to go back into their companies and transform them to fit a new economy. The program expanded my portfolio, and it's been a really nice way to round out my MBA."

"Traditionally, design has been focused on products. I like that the program incorporates designing workflow, processes, the intangible. Plus, I love the diversity – it's a great networking opportunity."

Name: Valerie Garrett, Interior Designer

Valerie was looking for a way to push herself, a way to take her career to the next level. She was considering a graduate design degree, but when she heard about KCAD's Certificate in Design and Innovation Management, she realized it was exactly what she was looking for.

"It's the perfect marriage of business and design. Because of the program, I've noticed my own thinking has changed. I think bigger. I'm having ideas that I wouldn't have had three years ago, and that's a very cool thing. It forced me to learn how reach across the lines of design and business. I've always wanted to be involved in more strategic work, now I'm equipped to do that."

"To say they're supportive of an adult learner is an understatement. Plus, the caliber of people that Kendall brings in is second to none. I think this program has huge economic value, and being part of that movement is exciting."