Master of Architecture


Industry and educational leaders are talking about the changing role of the architect. Here's what they have to say*:

"The opportunity is clear for architects. Architects are positioned at the center of the design and construction process not as the master builder integrating and organizing all the disparate pieces of the building but now as the information and process builders and coordinators in this process."

- Kimon Onuma, President, ONUMA, Inc

"We need to broaden the scope of architectural education to equip architects not only to produce the best responses to given questions, but to also involve them in designing the right questions and in participating in processes in which the design is actually an instrument of revealing shared problems and shared answers.

- Joachim Declerck, Founder and Programme Director, Architecture Workroom, Brussels (source)

"Of course nowadays the architect as a single genius is over. I think we have to learn how to communicate and work in a team."

- Wolf D. Prix, Founder and CEO, COOP HIMMELB(L)AU (source)

"Architecture education must bridge theory and practice. As educators we need to lead, not follow."

- Karen Fairbanks, Partner, Marble Fairbanks

*These quotes were either used with permission or transcribed from publicly available sources. The above individuals are in no way affiliated with Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University (KCAD), nor do they officially endorse the KCAD Master of Architecture program.

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