Master of Arts in Visual and Critical Studies

It is widely recognized that the developing field of visual and critical studies functions as one of the most challenging and sophisticated sites for suturing complex cross-disciplinary experimentation and scholarly research. The key objective of this program will be to enable students to critically unpack visual information and meaningfully situate research within a broader epistemological horizon. Students will engage in a theory-driven, integrative, experimental course of study exploring the strategic points at which cultural context, material conditions, critical theory and the visual intersect. Students in KCAD’s Master of Arts in Visual and Critical Studies program will learn to write about visual culture in a scholarly manner suitable for publishing in peer-reviewed journals, synthesize and apply multiple qualitative research methods and concepts to the study of visual culture, and gain mastery in critical theory and analysis.

This program is appropriate for those students who may be interested in pursuing a PhD in visual studies, critical studies, museum studies, or as a dual degree option earned concurrently or consecutively with the MFA. The program also provides students with an opportunity to gain mastery in an additional focus area. It is widely accepted that we currently must negotiate an increasingly complex world of visual information. Students from the fields of fine art, design, library or information science, anthropology, sociology, political science, cultural studies, etc. may find the addition of a certificate or Master of Arts degree in Visual and Critical Studies advantageous to advancing the development of their research, practice and career.



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Diane Zeeuw M.F.A.


Karen Carter Ph.D.




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