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We offer undergraduate degree programs in 17 disciplines in art, design, art education and art history.

KCAD seeks to graduate broadly-educated leaders who can contribute to and shape the future. That’s why, in addition to their major coursework, all students take Supportive Studio, Art History, and General Education courses designed to broaden and deepen their exposure to and engagement in the arts and the world around them.

Learn more about Supportive Studio and Art History requirements in the courses tab for each major by following the links below.

Learn more about KCAD’s General Education Pathways model.

Art Education

Love art so much you want to share it? Teach it.

Art History

Bring the past to life.

Collaborative Design

Collaborate. Facilitate. Communicate.

Digital Art and Design

Digital is the new normal.


Observe. Think. Draw.

Fashion Studies

Get started in Grand Rapids, and get connected in New York City.

Furniture Design

A perfect blend of creativity and problem solving.

Graphic Design

Translate concepts into communication.


Create a universal language that bridges generation, culture, and communication gaps.

Industrial Design

Blend art and engineering to shape the way our world looks, feels, and works.

Interior Design

The Impact of Interiors.

Medical Illustration

There’s a new path into the promising job market of health care—and it all begins with an art degree.

Metals and Jewelry Design

Reveal your notion of beauty as you create wearable and functional art.

Museum Studies Minor

Group of people viewing a display of decorative plates
KCAD’s Museum Studies minor blends analytical explorations of the history, theory, and communicative power of artistic and cultural institutions with experiential learning in real-world museum settings.


Learn the language of strokes and colors.


Broaden your exposure.


Combine ancient technique with modern perspective.

Sculpture and Functional Art

Inject beauty and craft into unexpected places.