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Explore our undergraduate degree programs in design, art, and art history.

KCAD seeks to graduate curious, driven, and versatile leaders who can contribute to and shape the future. That’s why, in addition to their major coursework, all students take a wide range of immersive courses that broaden their skills, enlarge their perspective, and help them connect their individual creativity to the world around them.

Foundations: The First Year Experience

The Foundations program unites first-year students in a shared experience that strengthens their core creative skills, expands their sense of professional opportunity, and fosters community on campus. Learn more

Pathways: General Education at KCAD

KCAD’s Pathways model is general education tailored specifically for designers and artists, giving you the freedom to pursue an education that sparks your curiosity and stimulates your creativity. Learn more

Supportive Art History Courses

KCAD students in all majors take Art History courses that foster a deep understanding of visual creativity and invite exploration of the historical, political, social, and personal forces that influence artists and designers.

Art History

Bring the past to life.

Collaborative Design

Collaborate. Facilitate. Communicate.

Digital Art and Design

Digital is the new normal.


Observe. Think. Draw.

Fashion Studies

Get started in Grand Rapids, and get connected in New York City.

Graphic Design

Translate concepts into communication.


Create a universal language that bridges generation, culture, and communication gaps.

Interior Design

The Impact of Interiors.

Medical Illustration

There’s a new path into the promising job market of health care—and it all begins with an art degree.

Museum Studies Minor

Group of people viewing a display of decorative plates
KCAD’s Museum Studies minor blends analytical explorations of the history, theory, and communicative power of artistic and cultural institutions with experiential learning in real-world museum settings.


Learn the language of strokes and colors.


Broaden your exposure.


Combine ancient technique with modern perspective.

Product Design

Digital renderings of a watch
Create objects that respond to human need, challenge convention, and elevate the lived experience.

Sculpture and Functional Art

Inject beauty and craft into unexpected places.

KCAD's BFA programs in Furniture Design, Industrial Design, and Metals and Jewelry Design have merged into a new program offering: Product Design. The three former programs are no longer accepting new applicants—if you're interested in these disciplines, please visit the Product Design program page.

KCAD is discontinuing the Art Education program over a two-year period beginning at the onset of the fall 2020 semester. While we are no longer accepting applications to this program, we invite you to explore our other undergraduate program options via the links above.