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Maggie Henderson - Collaborative Design

Collaborative Design


The mission of KCAD’s Collaborative Design BFA is to develop “Specialized Generalists,” with an understanding of the range and purpose of the several design disciplines, strong communication skills, issues of sustainability and economic impact of design thinking. The students will strengthen core collaborative skills with design elements and principles gained from supportive studio courses and applied to collaborative design experiences. The program requires the student to minor in one of the offered design disciplines: Industrial, Interior, Graphic, Furniture or Digital Media.

The application of studio knowledge and skill is expected across the Collaborative Design curriculum. Students will be able to advocate, facilitate and coordinate design application in both public and private organizations. The primary focus is on the process of design. Students will demonstrate the understanding of the design process through physical and fabricated project outcomes. Additionally, students will develop the knowledge and skills for both generating and communicating good ideas collaboratively, to recognize and meet today and tomorrow’s economic needs, and to function both independently and as part of a team.




View the 2021-2022 KCAD College Catalog for a list of current courses. 

Zoe Carmichael

Adjunct Faculty
[email protected]

Gayle DeBruyn M.M.

Professor, Program Chair

In collaborative environments all over the world, employers are looking for people who understand the design process, can apply it to real-life challenges and know how to communicate their ideas to the team.

The Collaborative Design program will prepare you for a variety of careers in traditional design fields, business, and nonprofit organizations.



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