Foundations Merit Scholarship


KCAD Foundations students who have been full time in the Fall and Spring Semesters of their first year at KCAD, and who have completed the majority of required first year courses for their major at KCAD, are eligible to apply for FYE Merit Scholarships ranging from $300 - $1000.

Foundations students with previously earned credits prior to attending KCAD are encouraged to apply for this scholarship opportunity.
Stipulation: any work submitted by Foundations students, both FTIAC (First Time In Any College) or Transfer students, must be work completed at KCAD from FYE courses. 


To apply, students must submit a portfolio through Slideroom by May 14th, 2021.  There is no cost for the student to apply 


Portfolio submissions MUST include the following: 

  • An Art History analysis assignment from KCAH 112 (please submit as a PDF)
  • A list of any extracurricular activities, including but not limited to: KCAD and larger community club activities, events, volunteering, memberships, exhibitions (please submit as a PDF)


Four external reviewers will assess the portfolios to determine merit scholarships: 

2021 Reviewers

  • Hiroshi Hayakawa – visual artist  
  • Jing Ouyang – visual artist / designer 
  • Camilo Roldan – poet / translator  
  • Aleca Leblanc – art historian  


  • Merit Awards range from $300 - $1000 
  • Not based on GPA or need 
  • Applied to the awarded student’s tuition the following year