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Technology Requirements

We recommend purchasing a PC laptop from a local vendor or online, but if you prefer to use an Apple computer, you can purchase your laptop online from the KCAD Apple Store . Be aware that you are not limited to these requirements and a larger or more powerful laptop will work as well.

The minimum system requirements for this program:

  • 13" or larger MacBook Pro
  • Additional Applecare Coverage
  • *Student need to partition the hard drive, so will need to use Boot Camp which is included with a new Mac computer. They will also need to purchase Windows 7 or 10. Departmental recommendation is to put at least 75% of the memory on the PC side of the computer. This should be completed BEFORE you start using the computer in class.


  • PC equivalent with single - or MultiCore Intel, Xeon, or i-Series processor or AMD equivalent with SSE2 technology. Highest affordable speed rating is recommended (currently Intel i-7 is minimum) with Windows 10(64bit), or Windows 10 Pro (64bit) operating system
  • In this profession most software is PC based, thus you will be required to use a PC or your MacBook Pro on the Windows side.

Windows based laptops will need at least the following requirements and are subject to department approval.

*A laptop waiver form must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office, which may change your financial aid package. Please pick up a blank form in the Student Services Office and bring it, and your laptop to the Program Chairperson.

  • At least 8 gigabytes of RAM (16GB or more recommended)
  • At least 30GB of free hard drive space
  • Intel Core i7 Processor or Higher
  • Nvidia Passmark G3D score of 8664 or better, or DirectX 11 capable graphics card
  • 1920x1080 True Color display (minimum)
  • 3-button mouse with scrolling capabilities


  • AutoCAD and Revit for Windows (Required for KCID 235 and KCID 425) (AutoCAD is free for students. Create an account here using your @ferris.edu email)
  • CETDesigner (Required for KCID 350) You will be given access to this software for FREE the semester you are registered for this course.
  • Microsoft Office Suite for Windows (This is free to students. Follow the directions found here)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Required for 300 level KCID Classes and 100 level KCDS classes)
  • Windows 10 (64bit), or 10 Pro (64bit)
  • SketchUp Pro (Required for KCID 250)

External Accessories

  • At least a 1TB External Hard Drive or larger for backup and storage of files

Recommended for Protection and Security

  • Laptop bag or cover for your computer
  • Portable laptop lock