Medical Illustration

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There s a new path into the promising job market of health care - and it all begins with an art degree. By blending scientific knowledge with artistic and communication skills, students can prepare for a high-demand career with the potential to change lives, improve health, and educate people all over the world.

Medical Illustration students will take classes from KCAD, Ferris State University, Grand Rapids Community College, and Michigan State University. Classes are scheduled year-round in order to take advantage of open schedules and facilities at MSU, and you can earn the degree in just three years. Our pre-professional program prepares students for graduate or professional level study.

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AT KCAD: Beginning in their first semester, students participate in studio classes where they learn to develop a mastery of multiple illustration techniques. This continues through their senior year. Art History and general education classes make sure students graduate with a well-rounded education.

AT FERRIS AND GRCC: Students will attend biology and medical terminology classes to expand their understanding of the human body and the language used to describe it.

AT MSU: Students will be immersed in histology and gross anatomy classes alongside students preparing for other careers in health care. MSU instructors will also guide illustration classes on certain topics.

KCAD's BFA in Medical Illustration is a pre-professional program. This degree offers students preliminary training for becoming a medical illustrator through coursework that prepares graduates for admission to graduate school in medical illustration.

After completing the three-year program, your BFA in Medical Illustration will be awarded by KCAD.

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Patricia Constantine M.F.A.

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Nancy Hart M.F.A.


Tess Marhofer


Contract medical illustrator, freelance medical illustrator, 2D and 3D animator, multimedia and interactive designer, medical sculptor.



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