Museum Studies Minor

KCAD’s Museum Studies minor blends analytical explorations of the history, theory, and communicative power of artistic and cultural institutions with experiential learning in real-world museum settings. Students from any discipline can expand on their art and design education by diving deeper into the realities and practices that drive museum and gallery work, and will emerge prepared to pursue careers in a wide variety of related fields.

For a list of specific courses offered in the Museum Studies minor, see the 2020-2021 KCAD College Catalog

What will I learn/study in this minor?

As a student in the Museum Studies minor, you’ll examine how museums shape the perception, critical reception, and fundamental understanding of art and artifacts, from both historical and contemporary perspectives. You’ll then build on your classroom experiences with for-credit semester-long internships at local, regional, or national museums, from art museums to natural history museums and everything in-between.

A trio of electives offer further opportunities to shape your learning, with courses focused on examinations of the history of art history, the development of teaching principles for museum settings, and investigations into human societies and cultures and their evolution.

What skills will I develop in this minor?

The Museum Studies minor will heighten your research, writing, communication, and critical thinking skills while also providing you with opportunities for hands-on experience within a diversity of museum settings and fields, including curation, education, administration, marketing, and more.

Where can I expect this minor to take me professionally?

The Museum Studies minor will strengthen your ability to pursue careers related to your academic major while simultaneously preparing you to expand your career opportunities by studying art, art history, and/or museum studies at the graduate level.