Campus Safety and Security

KCAD is dedicated to creating an environment where students, employees, and guests are safe.


The Emergency Management Leadership Team

KCAD's Emergency Management Leadership Team (EMLT) is composed of leadership representing administration, staff, faculty, facilities, and security. During emergency situations, the EMLT is the central team responsible for sharing information with the KCAD/Ferris State University/Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts community, as well as for determining and implementing a coordinated response strategy.


The mission of the EMLT is to develop policies and procedures for effective safety and security management, and to facilitate training and provide resources for students, faculty, staff, and guests.

Programs and Resources

Learn about programs and resources that foster a safe, secure environment both on and off campus.

Emergency Situations

Understand potential emergency situations and how to prepare for and address them.


Safety and Security Tips

Explore tips to help ensure your personal safety and security.

Policies and Information