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Summer 2014

Get your summer on!

You can use summer courses to support your academic progress!

If you take 6 credits in the summer, you can plan on semesters with 12 credits instead of 15 – and you can do better in all your courses because you aren’t overloaded. Good time to do well in general education or art history!

Great time for electives!

Especially since we will offer something new: 1-credit studio “app” classes on a focused topic. These classes will be very short but intense (25 hours in one week). Try new disciplines and skills without a 3-credit commitment! Take three and you’ve got a studio elective! Strong possibilities: welding, 3-D printing, screen printing – send your ideas to [email protected].

Summer is on sale this year!

We will offer a 10% discount for on-campus courses – and that’s 10% off this year’s tuition rate, not next year’s. You can be enrolled in up to 9 credits at one time (more than that and good learning gets compromised, because of shorter duration). If you take six credits you may be eligible for summer financial assistance, like loans, but check with your friendly folks at KCAD Financial Aid Office for details.

The discount will be offered if you sign up by reasonable deadlines. We will need you to adhere to published deadlines for registering and for add/drop.

Another special opportunity:

If you and 7 of your classmates really want or need a specific course this summer, we have a way for you to request it. We will do everything we can to offer it as soon as we know it has at least 8 students ready and able to commit.

To request or propose a course, please complete the "Get Your Summer On 2014 Course Request Form" at: